Why It's A Good Idea To Go To Rehab Post-Injury, Even If You're Young

If you have suffered a serious injury, such as a fractured pelvis or femur, your doctor may be advising that you spend some time in an injury rehab facility before going home. At first, you might be turned off by this suggestion. Isn't rehab for older people? Do you really belong there? Well, the truth is that while there are often more older adults in rehab than there are younger people, it can be a really smart choice for a younger person, too. Here's why it's a good idea to go to rehab after a serious injury, even if you're young.

1. You won't be tempted to jump back into everyday obligations.

After a serious injury, you really need to rest and let your body repair itself. Doing so can be hard at home where there's so much to do. At home, you might be tempted to jump right back into doing chores and going about your daily routine, even if you know you shouldn't. At a rehab clinic, there are no dishes to do, no carpet to vacuum, and no clothes to wash — you can actually take the time to relax.

2. You can enjoy multiple types of therapy in one spot.

More and more doctors are recommending an integrated approach to healing. This means you should see several practitioners, including a chiropractor, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and maybe even a nutritionist. Injury rehab clinics employ all of these people. You can enjoy the benefits of multiple forms of therapy in one spot. This is certainly more convenient than having to ask someone to drive you to and from appointments all week.

3. The right equipment will be there for you to use.

Injury rehab clinics are set up with hospital beds that are easier to get in and out of, reclining chairs that help you get up, doors that open automatically, and a lot of other equipment that's just easier to use when you're recovering. Chances are high that your home is a lot harder to navigate, and buying such equipment if you'll only need it for a few weeks is just not smart.

4. Professionals will be nearby if anything happens.

During the recovery process, it's possible you could fall and re-injure yourself, suffer a setback in healing, or have any number of other side effects. If anything like this does occur, it's nice to know that doctors and nurses are just steps away. 

Even though you are young, you should seriously consider spending a week or two in rehab after a serious injury. It can be that perfect buffer recovery time you need before coming home.

To learn more, contact an injury rehab clinic.

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