The Impact Poor Posture Has On Your Spine And Body

Poor posture is something that people struggle with the entire world over. The use of electronic devices has made it harder than ever to maintain good posture throughout the day, so if you think that you have poor posture, you're certainly not alone. Trying to correct your posture consciously may strike you as difficult or even painful, and you're not alone in that, either. Here's what's going on with your posture and how you can get help.

Strained Muscles

When you sit or stand in a slumped position, which is the most common type of poor posture, it puts strain on muscles that aren't designed to work that way. Think about this. When you sit upright, your back muscles and abdomen both work to hold you upright. But if you slump forward, all of the strain goes to your back, and your abdomen doesn't contribute at all. This can strain the muscles in your back, putting them under more pressure and strain than they were designed to be under naturally.

Pulled Spine

When your muscles are too tight and strained like this, it's not the only thing that goes wrong in your body. Your back muscles will start to pull on your spine, as the muscles control the spine's movement. Your spine can be effectively pulled out of its natural position, putting stress and strain on it, too.

Making it Harder to Correct

What this all means is that it's harder for you to fix your posture on your own because your abdominal muscles are weak, your back muscles are overly tired (which makes sitting up straight downright painful at times) and your spine is out of alignment. Even if you consciously fix your posture and start working on your abdominal muscles, as long as your back muscles are tight and strained, the spine won't return to its proper position. Ironically, if the spine is out of alignment, the muscles can't fully relax either because everything's connected.

So what are you to do in this situation? The easiest answer is to head to a chiropractor. Chiropractors are trained in the science of the spine and understand how the muscles and spine all play a role in your posture and your comfort. Your chiropractor will examine your spine and the muscles surrounding it and will start by easing your muscle strain with simple stretches and muscle work. From there, they'll adjust your spine back to its proper position, which will allow your muscles to fully relax. When chiropractic care is combined with a conscious effort to hold yourself upright, you should find that standing and sitting up straight becomes much easier.

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