What Might Happen When You Visit A Chiropractic Clinic For Back Or Neck Pain

Consider going to a chiropractic clinic when you have chronic neck or back pain, especially if you're concerned about the pain medications that you're taking. Even if you only rely on over-the-counter pain relievers, you may be tired of stomach upsets and other side effects. A chiropractor might help your back or neck heal so your pain is reduced or eliminated. Here's what you might expect at a chiropractic clinic.

A Thorough Review Of Your Medical History

A chiropractor provides holistic treatment, meaning they're interested in your medical history and your lifestyle so that they can treat you as a whole person rather than just manage your symptoms. They try to bring about healing as much as possible. That's one reason you may need multiple treatments. A single session might help with pain relief, but it takes time for muscles and other tissues to heal.

A chiropractor may order medical tests, such as X-rays and other imaging scans, to learn as much about your spine as possible. They may also want to know about supplements you take, the type of exercise you get, and how much stress you have.

They may even examine how you stand, sit, and walk to look for imbalances. Once they have an understanding of problems you are having, they can set up a treatment plan for pain relief and healing of your back or neck.

Pain Relief Treatments

Chiropractic treatments for pain relief can take different forms. You might get heat treatments through ultrasound to increase blood flow and soothe tight muscles. The chiropractor might put you on a computerized table that positions you so your spine relieves pressure on a pinched nerve. They might even provide a massage that helps relieve muscle spasms and that relaxes your entire body.

Spinal Manipulations

A spinal manipulation is when the chiropractor uses specific movements with their hands to move your spine back into alignment. This might relieve pressure on a compressed nerve or help with a muscle imbalance that causes muscle spasms and pain. Spinal manipulation can be done with gentle movements or with quick, forceful thrusts.

Help With Muscle Imbalances

If the muscles on your back are stronger on one side than the other, they may put pressure on your spine to move out of alignment or press on a nerve. A chiropractor might teach you exercises to strengthen weak muscles and stretches that make your back more flexible.

You might even be taught how to improve your posture and work ergonomically to take strain off of your back and neck. The chiropractor might also talk to you about nutrition since the proper nutrients may help your body heal quicker than when you eat a lot of junk food. The chiropractic clinic may even offer supplements designed to support your body as it heals and to help you maintain better health.

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