Workers' Comp Medical Care For A Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is a common work-related injury. It can be caused by lifting or pulling heavy objects, twisting, stretching, or bending your body, and slipping and falling. It refers to when your disc bulges through a weakened portion of your spine. It can cause severe pain, decreased mobility, numbness, and range-of-motion deficits.

If your herniated disc has caused you to miss work as a result of severe pain or disability, then you may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. Here are some workers' comp medical care interventions that your chiropractor can recommend to help ease your pain and promote healing from your disc injury. 

Comprehensive Examination And Documentation

If you have symptoms of a herniated disc, your chiropractor will perform a comprehensive examination. They will visually inspect and palpate your back to assess it for lumps, inflammation, and tightness.

You may also be asked to walk so that your gait and balance can be assessed. In addition to your examination, your chiropractor will also take a detailed history from you. They will ask you about your symptoms, such as your level of pain, weakness, and sensation loss.

The chiropractor will also carefully document their findings and treatment plan interventions in your medical record. Detailed documentation is essential when applying for workers' compensation or disability benefits after sustaining an on-the-job injury.

Pelvic Blocking And Therapeutic Massage

Your treatment may include pelvic blocking, which involves the placement of special wedge pillows under your hip and pelvic areas. The cushions help reposition the herniated disc so that it no longer impinges on the nerve that it was pressing on.

Chiropractic massage may also help relieve your pain and inflammation. Gentle massage therapy helps increase blood flow to the affected areas of the back to help promote the healing process. It can also help decrease inflammation and treat numbness and tingling in the back and legs.

Physical therapy may also be recommended to help enhance your balance and strength so that you can get back to work as soon as possible. While these techniques and treatments are often very effective, surgery to remove the bulging disc may be recommended if your symptoms persist.

If you hurt yourself at work and develop severe back pain, seek immediate medical attention. Prompt workers' comp medical care and detailed medical record documentation may help you get the benefits that you deserve as a result of your injury.

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